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This installation consists of carved and pierced ceramic lights made of hand-built unglazed earthenware, representing the number of beads on an Indian prayer Mala. It is entitled Prayer for the Planet. My idea is to convey a world that is a cross between a fragile coral reef and a galaxy, thus representing the microcosm and the macrocosm.

(From Ceramics Monthly)

“I am very interested in Eastern philosophy, and find working with clay the most tangible expression for meditation. It has taught me patience, and has provided me with the capacity for a child-like absorption in the present. The more I am involved with meditation, the less seriously I take myself and life in general. I’ve noticed that I work with clay most often either when I have lost touch with myself or when I am happy and centered. Any form of expression comes from the spirit. The more attention and respect you pay to your spirit, the more spontaneous and enjoyable your creative process will be. To me, this is all that matters.”


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C’est avec tristesse que nous annonçonsl’annulation de l’édition 2020 de 1001 Pots. Afin d’assurer la sécurité de nos visiteurs et de nos artisans, nous ne pouvons que respecter les mesures prises par le gouvernement en cette période de crise. En attendant, vous pouvez vous rendre dans la section Activités/Exposant afin de trouver les coordonnées respectives de tous vos artisans préférés. Avec bon espoir de vous retrouver en 2021!

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It is with affliction that we were announcing the cancellation of 1001 Pots edition 2020. To assure the health and wellbeing of our visitors and artists, we have no choice but to follow demands from the government concerning cultural events. In the meantime, you can go to the Activities/Exhibitors section to find the contact information of all your favorite artists. We are hopefulto see you all again in 2021!

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