Luba Kolomycky

Luba Kolomycky

Kolomycky’s primary focus is her work with sneakers which reflect her own interest in movement, as well as her university training as a physical education teacher. Sneakers are in many respects banal, everyday objects, but it is precisely this « ordinariness » that permits their expressive possibilities to be overlooked. More than any other article of dress, shoes’ expressive power and individuality seem to grow the longer they are worn. In the end they appear to assume the personality of the person who wears them. Each of the 60 pairs she has produced to date has its own physiognomy, individual as a fingerprint. Her continuing fascination with movement and whimsey is also evident in her other creative works involving creatures, animals and everyday objects and inspires her exploration of technical possibilities of a variety of glazes, textures, surface treatments and firing techniques (raku). It is these elements which Kolomycky combines to create the personalities that she imparts to her ceramics.

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